Roy Miller used three main designers

Frederick Ellis

Fred Ellis was born in England and trained at the Halifax School of Art, but spent most of his life teaching art in New Zealand. He was Roy’s principal designer from about c.1948 until 1961, designing over 50 church windows for Miller Studios.

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Kenneth Bunton

Kenneth Bunton, who lived in England, was Roy Miller’s principal designer from 1961 until the early 1970s and together they produced over 140 windows in about 60 churches throughout New Zealand. Ken never traveled to New Zealand, doing all his work from England.

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Beverley Shore Bennett

Born in Wellington, Beverley Shore Bennett, trained in art in London for several years, then designed around 300 church windows in about 100 churches in New Zealand. She produced designs for Miller Studios from 1969 until the studio closed in 1988.

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Other designers

When churches asked Roy for a stained glass window, he would normally suggest they use the services of one of his current designers Fred, Ken then Beverley.
However, architects sometimes decided they wanted to showcase a local artist’s work in a window.

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